Personal Work: Concepts

The Bob's Burgers Movie

A selection of BGs I painted for The Bob's Burgers Movie. Paint only. Unaware of who did the layouts.

Personal work: 'Wacky Jackie!'

Join me on this journey as I develop an animated tv show about a posh-totty niece sent far away to stay with her estranged Wacky Aunt Jackie for the summer. Can you handle the wacky?!

Personal Work: Pippi Longstocking

What if Pippi's World was made from paper?

Moominvalley S3

Concept paintings in mainly neutral light from my time on Moominvalley as Art Director and Concept artist. These described the local colours and textures of worlds/assets for the modelling team.

Personal Work: 'In the Style Of'

A personal project exploring moments from different stories in various styles of show I want to work on. More to come in the coming months.

Mr Bean the Animated Series S3

A small selection of backgrounds and colour scripts from my time Art Directing on Mr Bean the Animated Series.


 The Brave Locomotive

Backgrounds from my time Art Directing on Andrew Chesworth's animated short, 'The Brave Locomotive'.

Mimi and the Mountain Dragon

Backgrounds from my time as Lead Designer on BBC's Christmas special, 'Mimi and the Mountain Dragon'.